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If you need to check what the exact problem with your car is, get in touch with Auto Solutions Northampton today. 

Accurate car diagnostic services in Northampton

At Auto Solutions Northampton, we carry out accurate vehicle diagnostics using our state-of-the-art equipment by simply plugging in a laptop to the ECU of your car. From steering control and safety equipment to valve timing and hydraulic systems, we are able to determine the exact condition of various components of your car so appropriate corrective measures can be taken. All our systems are routinely updated with the latest software directly from the dealer and our staff undergo regular training session to upgrade their skills. We are based in Northampton and serve the surrounding areas.
Car body shop
Diagnosing faults

Diagnosing faults with:

 • ABS
 • Airbags
 • Engine management
 • Air conditioning
• Delphi - VAG - Snapon - Diagnostics
latest technology used

Latest technology used

We use the very latest diagnostic equipment. We can find most faults out within a short span of time, and then our expert engineers can carry out speedy and durable repairs. Our mechanics can repair all electrical systems, from central locking to airbags, give us a call today for car diagnostic services.
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